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Do You Know How to Talk About The Issues Your Voters Care About?

Join elected officials and Democratic leaders from across the nation as they discuss the top issues voters will be talking about this election year. Learn the talking points and strategy that will unite your community, encourage turnout, and help you reach your vote goal.

A Representative Community of Leaders. Unmatched Access to Top-Level Training.

This Build Blue Week join leaders from across the country to:

  • Build the skills that win through expert-led, interactive training sessions.
  • Answer your top questions during live panels and Q&As with Democratic party leaders and elected officials.
  • Collaborate and connect with other passionate Democratic leaders and fellow learners throughout the nation.
The Events
Build Blue Week brings together a diverse and representative lineup of elected officials, top campaign experts, and leaders of Democratic organizations to provide the tools, training, and first-hand experience needed to help you successfully run for office and further Democratic values in your community.
Jun 06
Mon · 1:00 pm ET
Real Talk About... Messaging that Wins in 2022

2022 campaigns must navigate an America dealing with multiple complex and highly divisive issues. Engaging an exhausted and polarized electorate means communicating in a manner that unites voters through mutual values and shared visions for the future.

We launch Build Blue week focused on the key messaging points 2022 campaigns must use as the foundation for their communications efforts. Our panelists will provide clear talking points and messaging insight your campaign can take immediately and put into action to win the hearts, minds, and votes of voters.

Jun 07
Tue · 1:00 pm ET
Racial Justice Panel and Q&A

For Democratic campaigns to both live their values and be successful, racial justice needs to be much more than just a buzzword. It needs to be the soul of your campaign culture, messaging strategy, voter engagement efforts, and more.

This panel takes a deep dive into what racial justice really means for 2022 campaigns. Learn how your campaign can work to dismantle racism and inequity as part of your overall campaign plan, as well as how you can authentically discuss racial justice with the goal of uniting your community around this important issue.

Jun 08
Wed · 1:00 pm ET
LGBTQIA+ Rights Panel and Q&A

Rights of the LGBTQIA+ community, especially trans people, take center stage this election cycle. Even if your community hasn’t been targeted specifically with discriminatory, hate-infused legislation, all campaigns must address and join the fight to protect the rights of the LGBTQIA+ community across the country.

During this panel, our experts discuss LGBTQIA+ rights and the approaches you can take to capture voter interest, discuss equality and gender identity, and respond to common questions or disinformation that will arise on the campaign trail.

Jun 09
Thu · 1:00 pm ET
Reproductive Rights Panel and Q&A

With the recent wave of draconian state laws targeting Roe v. Wade, it’s now more important than ever to proactively affirm reproductive freedom for everyone. Whether you are a candidate, a campaign staffer, or a local leader it is important to understand the current status of access to reproductive healthcare in communities across the country and how  attacks on these rights affect those in your community.

This panel discusses how to discuss access to reproductive health and rights with voters by holding values-based conversations rooted in empathy. Panelists will discuss how you can combat anti-choice rhetoric and work to preserve access to reproductive rights in your community.

Jun 10
Fri · 1:00 pm ET
Building a Pro-Worker Economy Panel and Q&A

What’s good for American workers is good for America. While Democrats have worked hard to keep worker’s rights a priority as our country navigated an economic crisis, there is so much more to be done. 

So how do you talk to voters about the importance of worker’s rights and why pro-labor legislation supports the goals and quality of life of every American? Join our union leaders as they share the facts and stats around the labor movement and talking points that can fuel your pro-work campaign messages and strategy.

Build Blue Week

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